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COACHING Directors & VP Level Execs
into their next roles

Create a vision and move towards it with more self awareness, mental fitness, composure and courage. Build a toolkit to help you be successful as you uplevel into your new role.


Reach your full creative potential, be successful professionally,

live life thoughtfully, respect your personal and professional self.


It’s hard to remember when I wasn't coaching, energized by people’s talents and encouraging exploration and possibility. I trained and became certified through the internationally renowned Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), where I learned the skills and models to support my natural curiosity and drive for transformation. I hold the highest Master Coach (MCC) credential, certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and am a certified neuroscience coach (CNTC).


In my coaching practice I am focused on supporting Directors and VPs as they enter new roles. Transitions at this level typically have their challenges, particularly when upleveling to a new role and/or starting at a new company. 


My pre-coaching background is in communications. My first, 20+ career, was in film, television and digital media. I held titles and roles including creative producer, executive producer, manager, leader, consultant, mentor and coach. This experience is the basis for my executive presence and communications coaching which I bring to all my clients, and, separately through my sister company Business Presence.


During my career, I have focused on big picture strategy as well as delivering on the tactical details. I consider myself equally good at both. As a producer, I covered technology, personal finance & fintech, environmental science & sustainability, executive management & leadership. As a coach, I have worked with clients in tech, healthcare, biotech, banking and other industries. I’ve been through ups and downs, won awards, lost my job, and successfully managed through transitions. 

Please book a time for us to meet! We’ll explore your current situation and where you’re headed, and consider the support that will help you land with clarity, composure, compassion, courage and confidence. 



Marianne's like GPS. She doesn't tell you where you need to go, she helps you find the best way for you to reach your destination. — Leslie Leite, Writer & Social Media Strategist

Marianne helped me articulate who I am and what I do today, allowing me to leave behind 20-years-old nomenclature and labels. Her expert process is human and straightforward. She challenged my thinking at the right times, and guided me to where I knew I should be.  Renee Crawshaw, Business Narratives & Content Design

It was fantastic to work with her during a transitionary period in my career journey. She was able to quickly assess and help me focus on overcoming obstacles that were impacting my ability to achieve an important goal. She has an elegant way of framing the question to help you do the work and find the answers. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an executive coach. — Monica Huntsberry, VP Strategic Accounts, Experian

Marianne's guidance has helped me open doors and put my focus where it needs to be. I'm spending more time 'in flow', and when I'm in this place things happen! - Michelle Aranda, Creative Director

Her coaching style enabled me to think through situations constructively, 

along with helpful tools and resources, got me on the path to where I need to be as a professional with the right mindset. I hope you have the opportunity to work with Marianne.  — Jim Walejko, Director, Strategic Sourcing, American Express

How I CAN Help You

Are you experiencing:
  • Lack of clarity/vision

  • Self doubt/imposter syndrome

  • Stuckness in a role 

  • Emotional triggers

  • Uncertainty during a transition

  • Difficult feedback 

  • Less progress than you'd like

Coaching Outcomes:
  • An effective mindset

  • Managing energy and time well

  • Prioritizing and targeting 

  • Being strategic and tactical

  • Connecting with strengths and purpose

  • Uncovering blindspots

  • Changing habits

  • Effective communications

  • Building relationships

  • Getting into action

  • Meaningful progress

  • Increased confidence and composure

Clients include: Directors and VPs working in finance, technology, media, healthcare, banking, consulting, non-profit, and design. 

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