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The creative partner you’re under-using--your brain!

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash (note: this is not your brain, it is luminescent corals)

Coaches tend to be life-long learners. This one is no exception. As I work towards becoming a Certified NeuroTransformational Coach (CNTC), I'm incorporating a new set of neuroscience-based tools to connect my clients with their brains.

The results have been energizing for my clients and for me professionally.

Here are what three regular clients have said in the last few weeks:

“My paradigm has shifted. I’m thinking about achievement in a different way.”

“I’ve been focused on the wrong question, the question should be “Why do I need to be creative? What is my purpose now?”

“This tool was eye opening. It’s a powerful way to change the way you’re thinking.”

Collectively the neuroscience-based coaching tools create opportunities to explore ourselves and our situations in new ways, and enhance our brain’s neuroplasticity. They expand our self-awareness and offer us new choices and ways of being.

Did you know:

--Making mistakes strengthens neural connections. So, try, fail, recalibrate and try again for the good of your brain!

--Humor and play increase connection and trust. They also put us in an open state for learning.

--Sleep is vital to brain health. It allows the brain to integrate learning and to clean out unneeded information.

--When we’re feeling stressed some of us will tend towards rigidity while others will tend towards chaos.

---As your brain’s hemispheres become more integrated, creativity, logic and intuition are all dialed up. This can change your mood and shift your day!

It’s fun playing in the neuroscience and coaching sandbox. Come join me!

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