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Ending 2018 strong, with a commitment to self-care

Photo by Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash

We're closing in on the end of the year. For many of us, our energy may be flagging after all the work and life demands, and navigating the ups and downs of 2018. Yet, there's still at least one last push required to get us through our deadlines and commitments, plus all the physical, financial, emotional and psychological demands of the holidays.

One theme showing up with my coaching clients recently is self-care, which encompasses all the activities and practices that we do for ourselves to lower stress and enhance our well being. Self-care impacts the physical, emotional, psychological, financial, social, spiritual and environmental aspects of our lives. Focusing on self-care is a way to survive difficult times, and can be a path to transformation.

For me, this is the time of year where I'm most likely to get injured. With the accumulated stress of the year and the shortening days as winter approaches, my body becomes a little more vulnerable. After a significant injury ten years ago in a yoga class, I'm more mindful these days; so, the slight weakness in my back I've been feeling in my exercise classes this week is wake up call.

If you're not feeling your best self or there are still items on your 2018 to-do list, here's some inspiration:

One of my media clients is committed to environmental self-care, reducing screen time and unhooking from Twitter and news alerts, especially during the weekends. He's also decluttering his work space, which can also help declutter the mind. And he's spending more time in nature and feeling calmer as a result. A walk in the woods can do wonders for your disposition.

A business owner client is focused on financial self-care after almost missing an extension deadline for her taxes. As she screeched to the deadline on her 2018 taxes she took the time to prepare ahead for next year’s taxes. She also changed her invoicing process and upgraded business software tools, which is already having a positive impact on her business.

An executive client is prioritizing physical self-care as she promotes her health and well being alongside her big job and considerable family responsibilities. She is experimenting with different forms of exercise including indoor climbing, walking in her neighborhood, and spin classes. It’s not been easy but she’s committed to finding a regular schedule and forms of exercise that will keep her engaged and work with her busy life.

A creative client is building awareness around emotional self-care. She’s developing a regular head-heart-gut check-in practice and listening to what’s there. Through our work together she is also becoming more aware of her emotional triggers and patterns.

Over to you! Have you checked in with your self-care needs recently?

Do you want to develop a more conscious relationship with money?

Do you want to create a spiritual practice through journaling, meditation or volunteering?

Do you want to focus on professional self-care by establishing clear professional boundaries or partnering with a coach?

I challenge you to renew, recommit to, or start a specific self-care practice this week!

To discover how to prioritize self-care in your life contact me for a self-care coaching session.

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