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Transitions are hard. They just are.

Transitions have so many layers, so many phases, and so many opportunities for us to learn, grow, and to suffer and learn and grow some more. Sometimes it can feel like we’ll never actually ‘arrive’ at the place we want to be.

An award winning creative client reminded me that it’s been five years since she started her transition--she separated from her spouse and was faced with rebuilding her career. She’s had to start over. Looking back she says she had to review her foundations, build new capacity, create processes and systems, and commit to a workflow to serve her in this stage of her career. She’s also had to take lower-paying jobs as she rebuilt herself up. So hard!

One of my clients has been in transition for four years, leaving a 10+ year position with a grand farewell to start her own business--only to acknowledge that starting a business at this time of her life wasn’t right for her or for her young family. She went on to take another position and left that after a year. She’s thrilled to have recently found a role at a company more aligned with her values and strengths. What a ride!

Another creative client has just landed a dream job after six years of family trauma. She’s finally on stable footing after navigating loss, lawyers and losing faith in humanity. She’s having the time of her life, traveling the world and being paid handsomely to do what she does so well. Well deserved!

Transitions require so much of us, here are just a few attributes:

Persistence--the will to start each day afresh, to try again.

Self awareness--the openness to dig deep and discover uncomfortable truths.

Curiosity--the willingness to question old narratives and closely held beliefs.

Acceptance--the humility to be with the facts and realities, just as they are.

Vision--the imagination and wisdom to see a different future for ourselves.

Adaptability--the capacity to adjust over and over again, to not be fixed in our thinking.

Tenacity--the determination and tirelessness to keep taking the next step.

Accountability--the ability to just get the task done, and be held responsible if we don’t.

Compassion--the understanding that failure is part of the transition and that self-kindness is key.

If you are in a life or career transition you’ll also need support in the form of family, friends and professionals. Build a deep bench of supporters to help bolster you in areas you’re not so strong in and be sure to celebrate your wins as you navigate each chapter in your transition.

If you’d like to see whether we could partner during your transition, contact me for a complimentary consultation.

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